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Contact Information

LITEhouse Inc.
Contact: Emily Korkaris, Executive Director
Email Address:
Phone: 978-766-4262
Alternate Phone: 978-766-6105
Fax: 978-766-8163

P O Box 147 Danvers, MA 01923
Area Served: Northeast

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LITEhouse, Inc. was created in 2011 by a family of women from the North Shore who saw a serious need for a well-rounded residential system for young adults with learning/intellectual disabilities.  From the personal experience of having a sister and daughter who required services that were nonexistent in the area, LITEhouse, Inc. became a reality.

 Why are we different?

LITEhouse, Inc. strives to provide an independent atmosphere and encourage the development of an interdependent community by promoting self-sufficiency and cultivating supportive social relationships amongst a group of peers with disabilities.

Our main focus is to create a home for young adults to love as their own.  As our residents learn independence and accountability, they will also develop a sense of personal growth and self-fulfillment.  Our program is designed to be centrally located in a small town, where the residents can have the maximum amount of independence, with access to all the basic necessities within walking distance. Of course, staff will provide transportation, as necessary. The home and program we have created are designed to promote productive, happy lives.

LITEhouse, Inc. is dedicated to providing a home for adults with learning/intellectual disabilities where they can feel safe, comfortable, and confident enough to achieve enriched and valuable lives and where they can Learn Independence Through Experiences. Our staff will provide 24/7 around-the-clock support.

Our goal is to provide the means for a happy and well-balanced life. We believe in offering support while also fostering accountability and responsibility. Through meaningful experiences, our residents will develop and improve their skill sets, which include self-confidence and self-advocacy, determination, independence, interdependence, dignity, and life-fulfillment.

LITEhouse, Inc. is a home and the residents are a family.

  • As a family, the residents of LITEhouse, Inc. will have regular meals together and interdependently decide when to share their time.
  • Residents must have some degree of independence and be motivated towards greater self-determination & self-direction
  • Staff is there as 24/7 support for residents, but not as direct management of their day-to-day activities, as the focus is on fostering independent life experiences for residents
  • Support offered to residents by staff is tailored to individual needs
  • Services offered focus on support and education of life skills and independence.
  • We serve a population of adults living with cognitive disabilities who are seeking an independent life, supported by a staff, designed to build their skills.

LITEhouse, Inc., however, is not appropriate for adults who have a serious psychiatric or emotional imbalance that negatively affects behavior, or for those who have a serious medical condition or physical handicap that requires constant medical attention.

Service Types

  • Group Homes
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Shelters - Homeless

Program Type

  • Housing
  • Independent Living

Populations Served

  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities

Ages Served

Languages Spoken

  • Greek

Accessibility Features

  • Accessible Public Transportation

Additional Information

  • Accredited By: DDS
  • Licensed By: DDS