Preparing for Effective Communication and Assistive Technologies in Emergencies – Guidance for Local Emergency Planners (PDF) – This guidance was developed at the request of our local public health preparedness stakeholders to assist them in their planning and response efforts.


Western Massachusetts IRAA Preparedness Project – Care and evacuation standards in Western Massachusetts, including guidelines and recommendations for sheltering and evacuating individuals who require additional assistance. People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs – List of suggestions for emergency preparedness. Also has free, downloadable publications about emergency preparedness.


Emergency Preparedness and Individuals with Disabilities – The Department of Transportation is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of emergency preparedness in the event of a disaster.


Coordinating Council on Emergency Preparedness and Individuals with Disabilities – Established to ensure that the Federal government appropriately supports safety and security for individuals with disabilities in disaster situations.


Emergency Preparedness – The Board is making its own evacuation plan for employees and visitors with disabilities publicly available, as well as summary on how it was developed, as a resource for other organizations who may implement or update their own plans.


Homeland Security – For all people, including those with disabilities


American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Resources for People with Disabilities  – Being prepared means planning ahead.  Includes making an emergency plan.