Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage – Massachusetts

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage – Massachusetts

Below is a guide for Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Overview of Medicare coverage 

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for retirees age 65 or older and certain disabled people. Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital care, some skilled nursing facility care and hospice care. Medicare Part B covers physician care, diagnostic x-rays and lab tests and durable medical equipment. Medicare Part D is a federal prescription drug program.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) 

Massachusetts: Medicare Part D offers prescription drug coverage to everyone with Medicare.To get Medicare drug coverage, you must join a plan run by an insurance company or other private company approved by Medicare. Each plan can vary in cost and drugs covered. The Medicare Plan Finder is a search tool can help you do a general program search or find a personal plan for you.

How to get Medicare Drug Coverage  

Read about the 2 ways to get Medicare prescription drug coverage–either through adding a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D), or getting a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) such as an HMO or PPO that offers Medicare prescription drug coverage.

What Medicare Patr D  Drug Plan Covers

Each Medicare prescription drug plan has a list of covered drugs. A drug in a lower tier generally will cost you less than a drug in a higher tier. In some cases, if your drug is on a higher tier and your provider thinks you need that drug instead of a similar drug on a lower tier, you or your provider can ask your plan for an exception to get a lower co-payment.

Medicare Part D for People with an Intellectual Disability  

Department of Developmental Services (DDS) information about Medicare Part D coverage for people who receive DDS services.

Joining  Medicare Health or Drug Plan?

Information on how to sign up for Medicaid drug plans.

How Medicaid Prescription Drug Plan Works with Other Coverages  

Look here to find out how Medicare Part D works with other insurance.

Medicare Forms, Help and Resources

Information and help from Medicare.

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