Americans with Disability Act : Title II and Title III Regulations

Here are updates to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Americans with Disabilities Act Title II and Title III  Fact Sheet Series
The National Network of ADA Centers is pleased to provide a series of Fact Sheets to help you understand the new changes in the ADA Title II and Title III Regulations. Fact Sheets in this series are available on each of the following topics: effective communication, exams and courses, lodging, service animals, ticketing, wheelchairs and other power-driven-mobility devices, and detention and correctional facilities.

ADA National Network Comprehensive Publications– Includes ADA Basics, Accessible Parking, Medical Examinations, Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, Questions and Answers, The ADA National Network Disability Law Handbook, Workplace Culture and the ADA and more.

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Fact Sheet last updated on: 4/12/2019