Department of Mental Health (DMH) Multicultural Mental Health Resource Directory

Department of Mental Health (DMH) Multicultural Mental Health Resource Directory


DMH Multicultural Mental Health Resource Directory

This directory contains information about organizations in Massachusetts that offer linguistically and culturally appropriate mental health and related services for communities of color, LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and refugees. We hope this directory will be utilized as a starting point for familiarizing users with available local and statewide resources. Users should contact the organizations directly to seek further information.

Entries in this directory are organized based on the location of the organization within one of the five DMH regional areas.  Organizations with offices located in multiple DMH areas or that provide services statewide are listed in the Statewide Services section of this directory.  Websites containing mental health education materials in several languages are listed at the end of the Statewide Services section.

To find the cities and towns within each DMH area, please look at  the DMH Regional Coverage Map (pdf).

If you have any questions or comments about the directory, please contact the DMH Office of Race, Equity, & Inclusion at (617) 626-8134 or by email at

Updated 8/29/2022


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