Disability Accessible Seating Information for Arenas & Stadiums in New England

Patrick Gleason, UMass Medical School at Shriver Center, is primary contributor of this fact sheet.

Here are the telephone numbers for disability seating at stadiums and arenas throughout New England.  Also included are tips and strategies for buying tickets.

Stadium & Arena Contact Info

Fenway Park
Phone: 877-RED-SOX9  (877-733-7699)  Press 1, then press 2
TTY:  617- 226-6644

Gillette Stadium
Phone: 508-384-9191
TTY:  508-384-4389

TD Garden
Accessible Seating: (800) 877-7575 (Ticketmaster – Note, this number is reserved for purchasing accessible tickets only)
TTY:  617-624-1750.  TD Garden Accessibility
Patrons can call the ADA line at 617-624-1750 or email accessibleneeds@tdgarden.com  to request Interpretive service or wheelchair escorts.

Xfinity Center – Mansfield MA
Phone: 800-877-7575 (Ticketmaster, only number you can use)
For ADA Questions and Accommodations please email: XfinityGuestServices@livenation.com  for accessible seating tickets.

Agganis Arena @ Boston University
Phone: 617-358-7000, then press 2

Boch Center 
Phone: 800-877-7575

Boston Opera House 
Phone: 800-877-7575 (Ticketmaster)
Tickets may also be purchased by email at ADABoston@BroadwayInBoston.com.

Boston Symphony Hall
Dedicated ticket line: 617-638-9431 or 888-266-1492 X 431

DCU Center – Worcester
Phone: 508-755-6800 ext. 2164

Dunkin Donuts Center –  Providence RI
Phone: 401-331-6700 ext. 7154

Cape Cod Melody Tent – Hyannis MA
Phone: 508-775-5630
For information on accessible seating, please call the box office at (508) 775-5630 for accessible tickets or for more information regarding accessibility.

Foxwoods – CT
Phone: 800-200-2882 (This is Main #, press pound key, then press 2)

House of Blues Boston 
Phone: 617-960-8315

Laugh Boston
617- 725-2844
IMPORTANT: All seats are general admission (GA), there is no link that lets you buy specific wheelchair seating. Tickets can only be purchased by credit or debit card thru venue website. Each comedian has their own link to buy tickets.  You can buy tickets anytime, day or night.
BUT, after you order the GA tickets, you’ll get an e-mail with a confirmation number.
Once you get that e-mail:
1. Call the venue at 617-725-2844.  (NOTE: Venue is only open AFTER 6pm)
2. Tell them that you already bought tickets for an event there and need accessible seating due to a disability. Give them the show date, name of comedian, number of tickets you bought, and have the confirmation number ready that came in your e-mail. (It’s a good idea to do this as soon as you can)
3. Laugh Boston only does “Print At Home” tickets. So the confirmation e-mail will also have a link for you to print them. You can print them anytime you want before the show. On show night, have your confirmation e-mail and a photo ID with you.
4. Staff will take your party to your accessible space. Enjoy!

Mohegan Sun – CT
Phone: 860-862-8499

Orpheum Theatre Boston 
Phone: 800-877-7575
Access and special needs

Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion 
Box Office: 617-728-1600
Ticketmaster:  800-877-7575

Tsongas Arena @UMass Lowell 
Phone: 866-722-8780

Wang Theater/Colonial Theater /Shubert Theatre

Wilbur Theater Boston 
Phone: 617-248-9700
Patrons requiring assistance should contact the Wilbur Theatre in advance of their visit. For accessible seating please call:  617-248-9700.

Tips & Strategies for Buying Tickets:

  1. These numbers DO NOT guarantee tickets; they simply give you a direct line to the correct department so you can avoid getting transferred and wasting time.  You may still get busy signals or put on hold.
  2. Most often, the number listed for accessible or wheelchair seating is also the number for other types of disabilities.  Sometimes the numbers are different though.  If you’re not sure, ask the operator who answers.
  3. Disability information can also be found at the venue website.  The website is usually just the arena name followed by” .com”  Exceptions:  Fenway Park website is part of http://www.redsox.com   Xfinity Center’s website is http://www.livenationvenue.com/xfinity-center and BU’s Arena is www.bu.edu/agganis
  4. Arenas almost NEVER include disability seating when they announce that something is sold out.  I’ve gotten tickets two weeks before a show and as late as 3 months after they go on sale.  If you know you want to attend something though, calling earlier is always better.
  5. If you call and someone tells you tickets are gone, don’t give up!  Just wait a little while and dial again.  Operators change every few hours (or minutes at Fenway) so you can usually get someone different, and they may find tickets for you.  Sometimes it just depends on how hard they look, if the operator is new, or the seats may be slightly different, like one row apart.
  6. Disability seating is almost never discounted, but IS offered in every price range, so you can choose what to spend.  Ticket prices for each event are usually on the arena website.  If possible, know your price range beforehand; it will save time when you get through to an operator.
  7. Places vary about the number of seats you can get to accompany someone with a disability. Ask when you call.  Be as specific as possible with your request.  Example:  If I called Fenway, I would say something like “I’d like to order 1 wheelchair seat and ___companion seat (s)  for the Red Sox/ Yankees game on April 21, 2019.”  The operator will look and tell you if anything is available within those guidelines.
  8. Virtually every arena keeps the row in front of disability seating empty, or elevates it so you can see over anyone in front of you.  But ALWAYS ask the operator to make sure before you confirm the order.  Just say something like, “Those aren’t obstructed view seats, are they?”
  9. Xfinity Center ONLY offers accessible seats through Ticketmaster.  There will be service charges/ extra fees per ticket.  Make sure that the final price includes all fees.
  10. You likely WILL NOT find disability seating on places like StubHub or Ace Ticket.  Those sites also will not buy disabled seating if you are unable to attend.


ADA.gov Accessible Seating Information


Fact Sheet last updated on: 6/11/2019