Easter Seals

""Contact Information

18 Chestnut Street Suite 200
Worcester, MA 01608

Phone: 508-757-2756    800-564-9700 (TTY)
Toll Free: 800-244-2756

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Information Specialist: Valerie Smithwood-Green – Director of Support Services
E-mail: info@eastersealsma.org

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Additional Locations: Easter Seals Technology Centers-Boston & New Bedford

Organization Narrative

Easter Seals is a nonprofit organization helping infants, children teens, adults and seniors with disabilities to expand their independence. Easter Seals responds to unmet needs through rehabilitation services, recreational activities, technological assistance, job training & employment, disability prevention, advocacy and public education programs throughout the state.

Population(s) Served

People of all ages with disabilities from birth, accident, illness or aging.


  • Disability Resource Information:
    Comprehensive up-to-date information on disability services and resources
  • Assistive Technology Regional Center (ATRC):
    helps provide people with disabilities make informed decisions about assistive technology they can use at home, on the job or in school.
  • Assistive Technology:
    Links people with disabilities to technology that expands their independence
  • Rehabilitation Services:
    Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy in schools, homes, hospitals, adult day care and early intervention
  • Employment and Training Services:
    providing evaluation, skill building and support
  • Assistive Technology Loan Program:
    Qualified people with disabilities will be able to purchase technology to improve the quality of their lives and function more independently.  May include communication devices, adapted computers, Braille equipment, and hearing and vision aids.  Certain vehicle and home modifications also are allowable.
  • Summer Camp:
    for children and young adults with disabilities. Includes boating, archery, campfires, swimming and more
  • The AT Long Term Device Loan Program
    provides free of charge, low-cost assistive devices to residents of Massachusetts. Low-cost means anything with a total cost of under $500.
  • Youth Transition Services:
    Easter Seals works with high school students with disabilities as they prepare to make the transition to adulthood and gives their families and educators the tools they need to assist the student to achieve their vision.
  • Youth Leadership
    provides opportunities for young people with disabilities, ages 13 to 25, to develop their abilities and exapand the possibilities they see for themselves.


Criteria differs depending upon services needed. Some services are free.


Assistive Technology and Employment & Training Services are on a fee basis. Sliding scale is available.