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75 Federal Street 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02110

Phone: 617-399-3131 (voice)    617-399-3241 (TTY)

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Information Specialist: Mirjana Kulenovic – Vice President of Refugee and Disability Services
E-mail: mkulenovic@jvs-boston.org

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Additional Locations: Some training and internships located at employer sites in Boston area.

Organization Narrative

JVS, formerly known as Jewish Vocational Services.  JVS Services are available through Mass Rehabilitation Commission or Mass Commission for the Blind referral through Ticket to Work. Available on Fee for Service basis.

  • assessment
  • career counseling
  • resume/cover letter rewrites/advice
  • job placement assistance
  • practice interviews and interview skills training
  • job readiness training
  • access to computers and library
  • follow up support for up to a year
  • customer service training

Population(s) Served

Transitions to work program – Jewish Youth with Disabilities (18-35), Connections Program – Jewish individuals living with disabilities.




Serves Jewish Youth with Disabilities (18-35).

Candidates participate in job skill training at employer sites, leading to internships and work experiences that increase employment opportunities. By bringing participants to the employer site, the program shows employers the advantages of hiring a diverse workforce and understanding the abilities that these individuals posses. This unique employer-directed approach ensures that training is relevant to actual jobs that are currently available at area employers, greatly increasing the likelihood of placement. Also offers job readiness, customer service, and basic computer training. Job search assistance/placement and follow along supports.

Must have completed high school; to have ability to travel independently via MBTA , the Ride, or personal transportation;  ability to work 20 hrs a week and updated immunizations.

Connections Program
Serves Jewish Individuals with disabilities.

One on one job search and job readiness assistance, job placement and/or volunteer placement assistance, CVS Training.


Transitions to Work program – Must have completed high school, ability to travel independently via public or personal transportation, ability to work 20 hours a week and updated immunizations


Fee for service basis