J.V. Fletcher Library Town of Westford

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Contact Information

Town of Westford
Contact: Ellen Rainville, Director
Email Address: erainville@westfordma.gov
Phone: 978-692-5555
Fax: 978-692-4418

50 Main Street Westford, MA 01886
Area Served: Northeast

Map Location J.V. Fletcher Library


Public computer training, vacation programs, museum passes and lecture series. Bookmobile serves those unable to get to the library.

Homebound Delivery Policy - The J. V. Fletcher Library provides a wide range of materials and services to patrons who visit the Library. We know that some Westford patrons are unable to visit the Library due to physical limitations or illness. The J. V. Fletcher Library Homebound Delivery Policy seeks to provide materials to Westford patrons who otherwise would not have a Library experience.

A Westford resident asking for homebound delivery services is required to meet one of the following criteria:
* Permanent physical disabilities which prevent an individual from visiting the Library.
* Temporary physical limitations (or illness) which prevent an individual from visiting the Library for a minimum of three weeks or longer.
* Severe mobility problems which prevent an individual from visiting the Library.

* Any Westford resident who is unable to come to the Library due to limited mobility, illness or physical disability is eligible for homebound delivery, within the available resources. Homebound status may be permanent or temporary. Eligibility will be established when a Librarian conducts a phone interview with the interested patron. Should the patron not have a Library card, the Librarian will assist the patron in getting one.

Upon applying for homebound status the patron will participate in a phone interview with a Librarian who will fill out a Homebound Services Questionnaire to establish the borrowing and reading tastes of the new user. The patron is welcome to request specific titles, genres and formats. They may ask the Librarian to select materials based on his/her questionnaire responses.

Service Types

  • After School Programs
  • Equipment Loan
  • Socialization Activities

Program Type

  • Information/Referral
  • Recreation/Arts/Social and Leisure

Populations Served

  • All Disabilities
  • Developmental Disability
  • Elderly Person with disabilities
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities

Ages Served

  • Birth to 3
  • 3 - 4
  • 5 - 8
  • 9 - 13
  • 14 - 18
  • 19 - 22
  • 23 – 59
  • 60 +

Accessibility Features

  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Restrooms
  • Elevators
  • Wheelchair Ramps

Additional Information

  • Fees: Free Service, Personal Funds