Vocational Services Program Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

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Contact Information

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Contact: Kasper M. Goshgarian, Deputy Commissioner
Email Address: commissioner@mrc.state.ma.us
Phone: 617-204-3600
Alternate Phone: 800-245-6543
Fax: 617-354-7575

27 Wormwood Street Boston, MA 02110
Area Served: Boston

Map Location Vocational Services Program


Specialty program designed to address the vocational rehabilitation of disabled individuals. Goal is to return the disabled individual to the work force in a position that is in keeping with the abilities of the individual. Call 800 number for local referral offices.

Wheelchair Ramps, Elevators, Accessible Parking, Accessible Restrooms, Near Public Transportation, Medical Needs Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission 19 – 22, 23 – 59 Boston Kasper M. Goshgarian commissioner@mrc.state.ma.us 617-354-7575 617-204-3600 800-245-6543 1831 Vocational Services Program Jobs, Vocational 1) Boston Job Counseling, Job Placement, Job Seeking, Job Skills, Job Support, Job Training 27 Wormwood Street Deputy Commissioner http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/consumer/disability-services/vocational-rehab/ 02110 Personal Funds Developmental Disability, Multiple Disability Local Area Deputy Commissioner Spanish MASSACHUSETTS

Service Types

  • Job Counseling
  • Job Placement
  • Job Seeking
  • Job Skills
  • Job Support
  • Job Training

Program Type

  • Jobs
  • Vocational

Populations Served

  • Developmental Disability
  • Multiple Disability

Ages Served

  • 19 - 22
  • 23 – 59

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Accessibility Features

  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Restrooms
  • Elevators
  • Medical Needs
  • Near Public Transportation
  • Wheelchair Ramps

Additional Information

  • Fees: Personal Funds