This page has been reviewed as of  8/20/2020.


COVID-19 Plain Language Resources for Workers


Having Visitors Over in aTime of COVID-1 (pdf) – A Social Story


Do You Know Your Rights with COVID-19? (pdf)


Update and Links to Coronavirus Information – 4-part video series 

Episode 1: How to Stay Healthy

Episode 2: What Should I Do If I Think I’m Sick?

Episode 3: What I Should Do If I Get Sick

Episode 4: What To Do If a Caregiver or a Family Member Gets Sick

Actualización y enlaces a información sobre coronavirusSerie de videos de 4 partes

Episodio 1 – Cómo mantenerse saludable

Episodio 2 – Lo que debo hacer si creo que estoy enfermo

Episodio 3 – Lo que debo hacer si estoy enfermo

Episodio 4 – Lo que debo hacer si mi familiar o persona que me cuida se enferma


Protect Yourself: Keeping Safe When Going Out  in Plain Language


Words To Know About the Coronavirus in Plain Language (pdf)


Coronavirus plain language booklet (pdf)


Información de COVID-19 Por y Para Personas con Discapacidades (pdf)


What in the World is Going On?  Plain Talk for Pandemic Times (pdf)


What in the World is Going On?   YouTube Video 


Coronavirus Tips for Staying Healthy  YouTube Video by Self-Advocates


COVID-19 Info  YouTube Video


Sassy Song YouTube Video


Covid-19 Core Communication Boards: A Free Resource for Medical Communication


How to Wash Your Hands (Audio Described)


Plain Language Tips For Working With Support Staff During COVID-19 (pdf)


Make a COVID-19 Health Passport (pdf)


Virtual Meetings: Getting Started (pdf)


Ideas for Activities While Sheltering in Place (pdf) 


10 Tips to Support Someone During Times of Change (pdf)