Telephone – Mass Equipment Distribution Program

Telephone – Mass Equipment Distribution Program

The Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program helps Massachusetts residents with a permanent disability get access to telephone networks in their home.

Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program (Mass EDP)""

If you are a Massachusetts resident with a permanent disability that in the majority of circumstances limits your ability to use the telephone effectively you may be eligible to receive assistive telephone equipment free of charge or at a reduced rate, depending on your income.

Disabilities include deafness, hearing loss, speech, vision impairment, blindness, cognitive or motion impairment that affects use of phone. If you have any questions regarding this program or the application process please call the customer service center at 800-300-5658 V/TTY. 


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Massachusetts resident
  • Permanent disability needs to be verified by a Massachusetts licensed doctor or audiologist
  • Must have access to a residential telephone service (land line)
  • Disability must be certified by MCDHH, MCB

Consumers who are blind or deaf/blind or have a cognitive or motion disability are entitled to free installation and a home visit by a MassEDP agent.

Check your eligibility to receive a MassEDP telephone

Your disability must be certified by one of the following commissions:

  • The Massachusetts Commission for Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Equipment Types

View phones for blind or low vision disabilities, cognitive disabilities, deaf or hard of hearing disabilities, motion disabilities or speech disabilities.

Fact Sheet last updated on: 4/3/2023


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